Leverage a vCTO

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A Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) is utilized by companies
that have yet to grow into the need for a fulltime CTO.

Your vCTO is available for projects such as:

  • Participating in management decisions
  • Communicating technology strategy
  • Migrations
    • Server
    • Desktop
    • VDI
    • O365
  • Data center implementation
  • Cloud application implementation
  • Hosted VoIP implementation
  • Implementing and assisting in managing support changes
    • Outsourced help desk
    • Outsourced IT
    • Outsourced contact center
    • Outsourced security
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Divestitures

Your vCTO can also perform the following functions:

  • Maximize existing infrastructure
  • Technology Visionary
  • Operations Manager
  • External-facing Technologist
  • New Technology Identification and Evaluation
  • New Technology Integration
  • External Systems Integrations
  • Security Oversight
  • Automation Identification and Implementation
  • System Consolidation and Replacement

How does your company hire a vCTO?

It is simple.

Schedule a no-cost consultation with your vCTO
who will to design a support solution to meet your budget and business objectives.